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Robin Barkins: My Story

Robin Barkins My name is Robin Barkins. I was first diagnosed with HIV at age 15 – just 4 months before my 16th birthday. When I first heard the news, I instantly thought my life was over. I refused all HIV treatment. I began to use drugs heavily and I slept around with different men and women without disclosing my status. I was angry at the world and I wanted everyone to feel my pain.

For 10 years I did a lot of demoralizing things. I kept my status a secret from the world; I even kept it from my own mother. After 10 years of running from my problems, using drugs and drinking alcohol; I began to get tired of the way I was living my life. I decided to go into treatment.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought that going to treatment would be the beginning of a new and improved life for me. I began to face my problems and fears head on and I found some coping skills in the process. These were skills I could use in case a problem came my way – I now have a better way to deal with these issues instead of running to get high.

I surrendered totally as far as my health was concerned and I began to start loving myself. I decided that my story could help others. While in treatment, I began to share my story which gave other people hope. In the process, it helped me as well.

I am currently 3 years sober, and my goal is to help women and men who are suffering with substance abuse and HIV. I want to give them hope and let them know they are not alone.



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Olympic Rings

Here’s some food for thought as you watch the Olympic Opening Ceremony tonight: What if the Olympic rings were used to show inequalities between regions?

This infographic by designer Gustavo Sousa uses the Olympic rings to show the number of people living with HIV across the regions.

KEY: Oceania: blue. Europe: black. Americas: red. Africa: yellow. Asia: green.

Until There’s A Cure Teams Up With the Oakland Raiders

The beginning of the football season is a special occasion for many Americans which incorporates its own set of traditions and special preparations. From family gatherings around the T.V. set to tailgate barbeques in the stadium parking lot, each American family celebrates football in its own unique way.

This year, UNTIL is offering you a way to make the football tradition even more special. If you are in the Bay Area this season and you want to support an awesome team and a great cause all at the same time, there is no need to look any further. This year we have teamed up with the Oakland Raiders to raise funds and awareness for HIV/AIDS. When you buy select Raiders tickets through us, a part of your purchase goes to the UTAC cause.

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NJ Ride Against AIDS

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NJRAA September 21, 22 & 23, 2012

New Jersey Ride Against AIDS is a three-day bicycling event that benefits New Jersey AIDS charities. The ride begins at High Point State Park in beautiful northwest New Jersey and concludes in the charming Victorian town of Cape May at the southernmost point of the state. The length of the ride is approximately 250 miles.

In order to participate in the Ride, you will need to download and complete all necessary forms. Individual riders are required to raise a minimum of $1500 in pledge donations to participate. Teams of 4 or more riders may raise a minimum of $1000 per team member. Crew members are not required to fundraise, but are encouraged to do so.

Riders may choose to participate for the entire 3 days or may choose to do the one-day, 60 mile ride on Sunday. Crew members are required to participate for the full three day event.

100% of pledge donations raised by riders and crew go directly to the charities.

Cape May LightAll riders that participate in The Ride must comply with all of the New Jersey bicycling laws.

Please visit our FAQ page for frequently asked questions pertaining to the ride. There is also a wealth of information pertaining to this ride on this site. If you have a specific question that might not be found here, please feel free to leave a comment or question below or contact us at:

NJ Ride Against AIDS
P.O. Box 127
Bradley Beach, NJ 07720

(732) 988-6593

Your participation makes a difference!



An Opportunistic Infection by Mwaganu wa Kaggia

I am embarrassed to talk about SEX
So I avoid talking to my children
I giggle and laugh nervously
Whenever the word SEX is mentioned
I am too embarrassed to look up

In the age of HIV/AIDS
My embarrassment continues
I am even afraid to read about the disease
I am so embarrassed

Now, I am at a loss
My daughter, my son,
my husband and I have AIDS
We have never talked about SEX and AIDS
Even when we knew better
We were too embarrassed
Too embarrassed to protect ourselves
Too embarrassed to keep DEATH at bay

Now I am too embarrassed
To let anyone know about us
Then one day
My mother opened my eyes
She said, ” Your family is not dying of AIDS
It is dying of embarrassment,

Today, we are no longer sick with embarrassment
We know better
That noone ever died of embarrassment
But DAILY, a loved one dies of AIDS.

By Mwaganu wa Kaggia-8-26-94

Source: http://www.whatifitwereyou.org/resources.html