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Pablo Panda Sandoval wears The Bracelet … Until There’s A Cure

Pablo Panda Sandoval wears The Bracelet … Until There’s A Cure

What about you?

Pablo Sandoval


The Bracelet – Now in Gold


Be A Hero

Ask yourself: Am I Doing Something?

Proceeds from this beautiful, handmade RED BAND OF BEADS ($15) – made of recycled paper – allows the KIFAD Foundation to support women in Uganda to put food on the tables for their families, send their children to school and look forward to a richer future.
KIFAD also offers many HIV services throughout Uganda, including:
  • HIV Testing (to date over 30,000 people tested)
  • Access to HIV Counseling and Testing
  • Community Sensitization and Education about HIV/AIDS
  • Promotes Healthier Behaviors including safe sex practices and early health seeking of comprehensive HIV/AIDS Treatment, Care and Support Services
  • Orphans Vulnerable Children supported to access quality education (122 to date)
  • Referrals to Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) Treatment, care and support (over 1000 to date)
  • Women trained in Vocational Skills (88 to date)
  • Households supported with Business skills and Income Generation Projects (60 to date)

Introducing: the Nairobi Bracelet!

Nairobi Bracelet: $15.00

The Nairobi Bracelet is crafted from Recycled Glass Beads and adorned with an UNTIL brass name plate. The African artisans who create these bracelets melt down used glass bottles, and then fire the new beads.
By purchasing a bracelet you empower these artisans, giving their children the opportunity to attend school and providing an income for them so that they can raise themselves out of poverty and strengthen their communities.
Increase awareness, compassion, understanding and responsibility

. . . Until There’s A Cure

Fashion with a Heart

New Partnership Promotes “Positive Action”

Until There’s a Cure is thrilled to announce its partnership with Kreeya.com, a curated online shopping destination for local, independent fashion in San Francisco. Kreeya, sanskrit for “positive action,” connects independent designers with people who want to make a statement with the clothes they wear.

Starting today, you can shop for many UTAC bracelet styles on Kreeya.com. All proceeds from the sales of these gorgeous pieces will go towards funding prevention education, care services, vaccine development, and increasing public awareness of AIDS. It’s a real no-brainer, right? Buy a gorgeous piece of jewelry AND support a fabulous cause, all in one fell swoop. 

Like classic, clean design? Select a Cuff Style Bracelet, available in silver platedstainless steel, or sterling silver. Love to pile on lots of color? Add several Jelly Bracelets to your bag—it’s available in 10 different colors! Need a truly memorable gift? Try an African Art Bracelet (shown right) on for size—hand-carved PVC pipe in Namibia, no two are exactly alike. Your purchase of this unique bracelet provides care, food and schooling for children living in African villages ravaged by AIDS. Any purchase you make from this amazing collection makes a difference!

You can stay connected with Until There’s A Cure on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/Until.Org and Twitter at http://twitter.com/until_dot_org.

You can stay connected with Kreeya on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/mykreeya, and Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/mykreeya.