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The article that started it all for Donna!

The article that started it all for Donna!

It’s been nearly 19 years since I read a local newspaper article about 2 women – neighbors of mine, really – who had joined together the year before to establish a foundation to help end AIDS. I was immediately drawn to the story about their concern for the future faced by their children in a world impacted by AIDS and their ingenuity in creating a symbolic bracelet to raise funds and awareness.


In those days, AIDS was life threatening, and in fact, complications from AIDS had ended my brother’s life several years earlier. I had been searching since his death for a way to honor him by committing at least part of my life to the AIDS cause. I decided to inquire about Until There’s A Cure Foundation. My ‘career’ with the Foundation began with a phone call I placed to inquire about volunteering.


Friends, associates and acquaintances ask why I am still involved with the Foundation and why I commit so much of my energy and time to the cause. The simple answer is that AIDS is not over, and HIV is still being transmitted – in the U.S. and around the world. Although the Foundation would love to see that a cure has been found — and to be able to close our doors — that goal has not been reached.


Medical research has made great progress in the treatment of AIDS and, recently, in testing the prophylactic use of medications to prevent HIV infection following exposure. Many vaccine development research projects are underway. However, expectation is that vaccines which will truly end the pandemic are still years away. So, while we have hope, until that day, critically important work in education and prevention must go on.


Every day at Until There’s A Cure we encounter comments such as:

I thought AIDS was over.”

Can’t you just take a pill and not be sick?”

That’s not a problem in the U.S. any more, is it?”

This doesn’t affect me. I’m not at risk. I’m not in that population!”


The short response to these comments is that AIDS is still a devastating disease affecting individuals, populations and economies in the U.S. and, to an even greater extent, in Africa and Asia. In the U.S., the Centers for Disease Control estimates that 1 in 5 people who are infected with HIV, don’t know it. And the virus is being transmitted at nearly the same rate as in past years, even here at home.


As to the comment about who is “at risk” — beyond those usually considered to be in danger — the reach of HIV infection was brought home to me recently when I heard the story of a graduate school student in a major West Coast university talk about having an intimate relationship with another professional on the East Coast for some time before she found out that he was HIV positive. Without common sense prevention methods that had kept her from being infected with HIV, that might not have been the case.


At Until There’s A Cure Foundation, we continue to try to disseminate information as widely as possible so that people are aware that HIV and AIDS are still with us; that even with medication, AIDS is life-changing and a physically and financially burdensome illness; that understanding and appreciation for prevention methods are critical – until there’s a cure.


That’s why I’m still involved. That’s why I serve as Board Chair of Until There’s A Cure Foundation. That’s why I’m writing this blog.


I hope you will join me and the Foundation in the fight against AIDS. To find out more, please view information on our web site at, sign up for our email blasts, ‘like’ us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and pass all of this along to your friends and associates.


Donna Allen

Donna Allen

And remember that perhaps the greatest risk of HIV is believing it’s not a problem anymore.

Donna J Allen


Board Chair

Until There’s A Cure


You are in our thoughts, Boston

A touching perspective on yesterday’s sad events, written by a young woman:

“I’m SO grateful today that all my friends and family in Boston are okay. And I’m also so, so grateful that we live in a country where a bomb exploding is national news, rather than an everyday event that no one blinks an eye at. I’m grateful that we live in a country where people run to help one another, and aren’t too overwhelmed by their own hardships to feel empathy. On days like today I think about Columbine, Virginia Tech, Connecticut, 9/11, and I think about Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and Sudan. So much of the world needs a whole lot of love and compassion, and I feel incredibly lucky to be in country that has so much of it to give ♥”

~Seema S

20th Annual “Until There’s A Cure” San Francisco Giants Game!

Join us for the 20th Annual “Until There’s A Cure” SF Giants Game!

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What is HIV? What is AIDS?

Finding the Cure

Check out this infographic on all you need to know about HIV/AIDS with the latest information.

what is hiv_infographic

In honor of Until There’s A Cure’s 20th Anniversary we’re offering the Cuff Bracelet for $20!

Until There’s A Cure

An Organization that Innovated the Non-Profit World with the
First Cause-Related Bracelet

is turning 20!

silver plate2Thirty years after the first appearance of HIV/AIDS, 25 million men, women, and children worldwide have battled this devastating disease and lost.

TWENTY YEARS ago, two California mothers joined the fight against AIDS out of concern for the future of their children and the community, by establishing the Until There’s A Cure Foundation.

Until There’s A Cure is the backbone to the fight against HIV/AIDS, and what started as a small dream of two women to eradicate the threat of this disease has led to a worldwide mobilization of compassion for our fellow humans battling this tragic epidemic. The Bracelet has been the catalyst for change in the fight, a symbol of hope, and a reminder of the effect that this epidemic has on individuals around the world.

A survivor reflected on the meaning of his bracelet:
“I wear my Until There’s A Cure bracelet in remembrance of my friends who have passed away from AIDS and also to remind myself that I am a survivor of AIDS…I miss my friends who have passed and hope they know I’m thinking of them each time I wear my bracelet.”

With contribution from incredible supporters like YOU the Foundation has reinvested over 22 MILLION DOLLARS back into the fight against HIV/AIDS — through its own extensive awareness programs and via grants to increase the impact of numerous other AIDS organizations which provide care services, prevention education, and vaccine development.

Today the Foundation extends its energy, resources and determination around the world to ensure that understanding, respect and care are the norm rather than the exception. Until There’s A Cure is seeking an AIDS-free generation, but the greatest risk standing in the way is believing HIV is not a problem anymore.

In honor of our 20th Anniversary we are offering the Silver Plate Cuff Bracelet at its original price of $20 for the month of March

Save the Date for the 20th Annual SF Giants “Until There’s A Cure” Game: May 21st!

The 20th annual “Until There’s A Cure” SF Giants game

will take place on Tuesday, May 21st 2013 at 7:15pm

against the Washington Nationals

20th anniversary postcard

We hope you will join us for an amazing event and a great evening benefiting local AIDS service organizations!