7 Awesome TED Talks on the Subject of AIDS/HIV


TED.com is a fantastic way to learn about hundreds of fascinating topics from expert speakers around the world. One of the topics that you can learn a lot about from TED is AIDS and HIV. This public health crisis affects millions of people around the world.

Fortunately, there are many well-known people from all walks of life who are dedicating their lives to help tame this severe public health problem. Some of the most interesting and informative TED talks on the subject of AIDS/HIV includes these:

#1 Elizabeth Pisani: Sex, Drugs and HIV – Let’s Get Rational

In this unusual TED talk, Pisani uses logic, humor and wit to show the many inconsistencies in today’s political systems that prevent funds from fighting the spread of HIV/AIDS. She has done a great deal of research with populations at risk, such as junkies to sex workers in Cambodia, to show that some surprising, counter-intuitive ideas could stop the spread of HIV. Pisani worked at several government agencies and is now an independent researcher and analyst who fights to end AIDS/HIV and to stop other serious public health problems in their tracks.

#2 Annie Lennox: Why I Am an HIV/AIDS Activist

Since 2004, pop star Annie Lennox has devoted much of her free time to her SING campaign, which raises awareness and funds to fight HIV/AIDS. In this recent TED talk, she talks about the experiences that inspire her work in HIV/AIDS. According to this video, Lennox first became inspired to help in this public health crisis after she heard Nelson Mandela speak out to help stop the HIV/AIDS disaster in South Africa. It was because of that speech that she founder SING in 2007.

#3 Emily Oster Flips Our Thinking On AIDS in Africa

Emily Oster, a economist at the University of Chicago, explains the statistics on AIDS in Africa from a unique economic point of view and comes up with a rather shocking conclusion: Most of what we know about the spread of HIV in Africa is wrong. Oster has a history of rethinking conventional wisdom on many topics. Her doctoral thesis at Harvard challenged famous economist Amartya Sen on his claim that there were 100 million women statistically missing in the developing world. She also has studied the role of bad weather affecting the rise of witchcraft trials in Medieval Europe, and what causes people to play the lottery.

#4 Bono: Action for Africa

In this exciting TED talk, Bono, musician and public health activist, accepts the 2005 TED prize. He argues in this talk that aiding Africa to end AIDS, hunger and poverty. Over the years, Bono has shown himself to be very effective in getting some of the most powerful world leaders to try to rise to beat AIDS, hunger, poverty and other diseases and problems in Africa. He argues here that with technological innovation and efficient aid and investments, the West can truly help to end most public health crises on the continent.

#5 Seth Berkley: HIV and Flu – The Vaccine Strategy

Seth Berkley, a famed epidemiologist, talks about how great advances in the design of vaccines, as well as in production and distribution, can bring us closer to eliminating many public health threats, including HIV/AIDS. Berkley is leading a charge around the world to develop a vaccine to cure the AIDS virus, and also to make sure such a vaccine is available to people in Africa. Berkely founded the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative that is trying to develop vaccines that can prevent AIDS.

#6 Bjorn Lomborg: Global Priorities Bigger Than Climate Change

If we had $50 billion to spend to solve a problem, should we solve AIDS or global warming first? Danish political scientist Bjorn Lomborg is the leader of the Copenhagen Consensus, which prioritizes the biggest problems – AIDS, global warming, poverty and many other diseases. The idea is to prioritize these problems based upon how effective the proposed solutions are. His organization determined that the best investment would be to control HIV/AIDS, and stopping global warming would be the worst investment.

#7 Kristen Ashburn’s Photos of AIDS

This very moving TED talk by documentary photographer Kristen Ashburn shares many unforgettable images of the terrible human impact of HIV/AIDS in Africa. These photographs bring all viewers face to face with real people who are suffering a real public health tragedy. Her poignant photographs bring all of us closer to people who are suffering terrible hardships. In the past, she also photographed Iraqis after the US invasion, suicide bombers and the penal system in Russia.

Through the hard work of these speakers, we can see that working to reduce the terrible human suffering of HIV/AIDS is within our reach.

Article Source: MPHprogramslist.com


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