Throwback Thursday: featured in InStyle Magazine Accessory of the Month!

Until There’s A Cure is celebrating it’s 20th year!

UNTIL was founded in 1993 with hopes that the Fight against HIV/AIDS would long since be conquered by now, but as long as the war is at hand we’re proud that we’re still able to be here to help the cause.

The Foundation was the first non-profit organization to create and sell a bracelet to raise funds for a cause. The original cuff bracelet was designed by Isabel Geddes of Florence, Italy in 1993. What distinguished our Foundation from others seeking to help those affected by HIV/AIDS is that the primary source of financing for this effort is The Bracelet — a symbolic, simple yet elegant, cuff-style bracelet uniting people to fight HIV/AIDS. The Bracelet was designed to help increase awareness, and to promote compassion, understanding, and responsibility.

The trend was an instant hit!

“Clever celebs…have found a way both to support a good cause and be fashionable. They’ve been spotted sporting Until There’s A Cure bracelets, which raise money for AIDS care, research, and education.”

To learn more or to purchase the bracelet, visit us at


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