ConGRADulations to the class of 2012!

It’s graduation time, and all around the world, families and friends are gathering to honor the success of achieving an education.  Education has the power to change lives forever, but most importantly, to save lives.  The next phase in life awaits our graduates and we embrace their accomplishments, their passion and their ideas to help make the world a better place
“We must be the change we wish to see in the world.” ~Mahatma Gandhi

Give a Graduate the gift of awareness, compassion, understanding, and responsibility.

The Bracelet is a classic cuff-shaped band featuring the familiar small, raised AIDS ribbon on the outside. Inside is a small plaque inscribed with “Until There’s A Cure.”
Designed by Isabella Geddes da Filicaia and manufactured in Italy.
The Bracelet comes in 5 different styles:  Sterling Silver w/ 18kt Gold Ribbon ($125)Sterling Silver ($95),  Stainless Steel ($50),  Stainless Steel Graphite Tone ($50), and  Silver-plate ($25)
We carry a wide variety of other styles in our online store; there is something for everyone!
Please visit us at to choose the perfect gift for the 2012 Graduates.

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