Macramé Stone Bracelets in All Red

We now carry the Macramé Stone Adjustable Bracelets in all Red!

Make a bold statement for National HIV Testing Day on June 27 with these stunning bracelets.  1 in 5 HIV+ people do not know they are infected because they have not been tested.  Don’t wait; GET TESTED.

And help raise awareness about the importance of Getting Tested.  Wearing The Bracelet makes a powerful statement that you have been tested and invites others to Join the Conversation, because one of the greatest risks of HIV/AIDS today is too many people believe it is no longer a problem.

Macramé Stone Adjustable Bracelets -$5.00

These stricking bracelets are made using the macramé technique which involves hand knotting the cord to create unique designs. The knots hold the stone in place securely, and the cord is waxed, making it very hard wearing and long lasting.
The center stone is an oval white with an embossed ribbon.
Adjustable; fits 6″ – 11.5″ wrists. Perfect for all ages and sizes!

Increase awareness, compassion, understanding, and responsibility

Until There’s A Cure


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