Pay Tribute to Moms This Mother’s Day

Of all the things your mother taught you growing up, what is the most important life-lesson she passed on to you?

When our staff discussed why we were appreciative of our mothers and what we have learned from them, surprisingly (or not so surprisingly, considering we’ve all come into the same line of work) we found that all of our mother’s had impressed upon us the importance of always giving back and doing good in the world.  Whether for other people, animals, the environment – you name it – we were taught to always be nice to whatever is around us at the time.

So this year, we all made a pact to honor our Moms on Mother’s Day with tributes instead of simply presents.  By this we meant, the gift – whether tangible or non-tangible – needs to be something meaningful and that gives back to the greater good.  There are so many options to choose from now that fulfill the traditional Mother’s Day gift ideas while also giving back when you purchase from one of the hundreds of thousands of non-profits offering “gifts that give twice” (yes, we just so happen to offer a fabulous selection ourselves 😉  We realize that not everyone has the pleasure of celebrating Mother’s Day with their mothers, and not all moms are the type who want or need more tangible things, so some of us have chosen to make a donation in their names (one option being our campaign Educate a Woman, Educate a Nation, aimed to raise awareness and $10,000 for the 16 million HIV+ women and girls worldwide).   And then there are the types like my mother – for years I viewed her as “the worst” and such a drag to shop for every single gift-giving holiday, because she downright dislikes receiving more things.  But our Executive Director gave me a fantastic idea: why not do an activity with her that gives back?  BRILLIANT.  The one thing I have learned over the years is that the only correct gift for my mom is the gift of my time, and to also spend it giving back made her ecstatic.  So this year we will be volunteering in the community garden on Mother’s Day…and it’s a gift for both of us and the community.

We would like to invite you all to join us in paying tribute to our mothers this year. Please comment below and share with us how your mother inspired you.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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