Challenges our High-Schoolers have faced in Fundraising for HIV/AIDS

At UNTIL, there’s always a new project. Whether it’s polishing bracelets that have been sitting in a drawer for who-knows-how-long, or planning fundraisers based at a high school where people have an average budget of two dollars, it’s always challenging.

Fundraisers are an excellent example of this. Austin and I raised over 500 dollars in only a few months with UNTIL at about three events. This is much harder than it sounds- at one of these fundraisers, Austin and I were there for about two hours and made about ten dollars! However, the other two were much more successful.

The main challenge was that in this economy, and especially at a high school, money is scarce and students are so far removed from the reality of HIV/AIDS that it’s difficult to make them care. It was definitely a great experience in marketing, as we had to be very convincing salesmen. People would come up thinking we were just selling food, or that we were fundraising for breast cancer. However, this gave us a great opportunity to spread awareness about an issue that few students knew much about. I believe, that regardless of how much money we made, it’s important that now more people are aware that it is an issue.

It’s not just an issue in third world countries, either. Believe it or not, in the United States there are currently over a million people living with HIV/AIDS. AIDS kills approximately 18,000 Americans every year. I think it’s important everyone is aware of this, including high school students.
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