High-Schoolers Volunteering . . . Until There’s A Cure

Hello, my name is Austin. I am a junior in high school, and I, as well as my classmate, Kaylynn, have been volunteering at the Until There’s A Cure foundation (UNTIL) for half a year. UNTIL is a program dedicated to raising money for relief to help AIDS victims as well as raising awareness about AIDS itself. I feel this has given me a wonderful opportunity to make a difference in the world; however, what I feel has been the most rewarding and enjoyable part of UNTIL is the experience I have gained by organizing fundraisers and actually putting my mind and effort towards raising money for UNTIL’s cause.
Myself and Kaylynn originally found UNTIL as a volunteering opportunity through one of our school’s clubs: the Octagon Club. The Octagon Club allows students to find community service events with ease so that they can still volunteer despite their busy schedules. I have found that with the Octagon club, volunteering tends to be short and on a one time basis. This is not true with UNTIL. Although UNTIL was originally just another short event where students would package bracelets, Kaylynn and I have been given the chance to actually contribute intellectually to UNTIL’s progress. We have been doing this by planning fundraisers and actually getting to test our ideas for what kinds of fundraisers could be the most effective. I think that our contribution to UNTIL has not only allowed us to help victims of AIDS, but also gain experience and skills that will help us the rest of our lives.

Visit Until There’s A Cure’s website www.until.org to find out more about the organization and what you can do to help!


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