Steve Buscemi Represents Until There’s A Cure at the 2012 Golden Globes

The Golden Globes are inevitably fun to watch every year – beautiful dresses to be in awe of, a hilarious host to keep us entertained at the expense of the attending celebrities – but this year was especially exciting for Until There’s A Cure supporters nation-wide, as we impatiently waited to see our Red Beaded Ribbon Pin grace our screens thanks to Steve Buscemi and the lapel of his handsome tux.

Such a little pin, but it makes a colossal statement.

Year after year, we invite countless celebrities to wear our beautiful items in order to help raise awareness about the HIV/AIDS epidemic.   And each time someone joins the team and decides they want to speak up for the cause, we are honored to have another voice fight alongside us in this cause.

Having Steve Buscemi wear one of our pins was a wonderful compliment to UNTIL and much needed recognition for HIV/AIDS awareness.

Thank you so much, Steve!!!


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