What I Have Learned

Time sure flies by… the three months that I’ve been working with UNTIL for the HIV/AIDS cause is now coming to an end. While working with the lovely staff of Until There’s A Cure, I discovered many differences between a Non-profit organization and what I knew from my earlier projects. In my past experience I was used to having to find appropriate solutions to the main problems the job focused on. But what if there is no final solution? At UNTIL I had to learn what it means to have a job where I can’t find the final solution because unfortunately there is not yet a way to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS.

So I had to learn that the little steps can make the huge difference. The more people that get involved with the cause and help spread the word to raise awareness is a step in the right direction. Just today we shipped buckets of bracelets to 28 Walgreens Stores across the US.

You can make a difference, too. There are many ways to support UNTIL and be involved. You can visit our online shop (www.utac.org/order) to buy one of our bracelets for yourself, your family and your friends. There is the classic silver cuff or maybe you like the new suede cuff, which we just got in this week. You can also sign up for our virtual volunteers program at http://www.utac.org/volunteer.shtml.

Every single step counts!

Until There’s A Cure



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