Learning How Non-Profits Work

Hi there! I´m Bastian another German intern at Until There´s A Cure. Like my friends, Rebecca and Philipp, I study in Munich – sports event and media management. During my internship around Stanford and Silicon Valley I have the chance to work with Until There´s A Cure for four weeks.

During my first two years in university I was taught to make money out of everything – investing a lot in marketing and good strategies. So it was kind of difficult for me to understand the way how a Non-Profit Organization like UNTIL works. After some meetings with the UNTIL team everything was more clear for me. We had a lot to discuss, to make the best out of it and go on – step by step.
Two weeks ago Rebecca, Philipp and I started to work on some guidelines to push the Until There´s A Cure Foundation and create some new designs. Right now I am working with our webmaster on the layout and the design for our new website www.until.org.  You see, there is a lot to do at Until There´s A Cure. So why don´t you join us and have a great time – working in this team is great, you will see and learn a lot.

Hope to see you around the office,



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