Bringing some Marketing Students’ Perspectives to UNTIL

There’s definitely more responsibility for the intern! Two weeks have gone by since my last blog, but we had a lot to do. The meeting with the whole team was a big effort itself.  I was even able to invite both of my roommates from Germany  to join the meeting, who are also marketing students, in order to get more “marketing brains” working for UNTIL.  (Thanks again to everyone who participated and brought in new ideas and thoughts!) I appreciated the inspiring atmosphere and teamwork.

The first goal, we came up with will be to strengthen the brand “UNTIL” and to promote uniqueness in order to make the Foundation even more powerful than it already is.  We hope you’re all excited about all the little changes on all our social media accounts coming up!

Besides our general thoughts, we still have the little every-day tasks, which need to get done. Because of the upcoming World AIDS Day on Dec. 1st, we are already running low of our Red Beaded Pins, so we just received a new delivery of them. Take a look at the picture and you might want to get one, too. If you want to support a cause, you’ll find our Red Beaded Pins (which sell for $10) as well as all our Bracelets in our shop at

From the Redwood City office,



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