Hard Work Pays Off; More Responsibility for the Intern!

As you may have noticed by now, I blog every Tuesday and Thursday. I’m honored to share my experiences of my daily work at UTAC with you. I love to let you participate in my experience as an intern at the foundation, as well as, in our every day fight to raise awareness for HIV/AIDS.

After working with this great team in Redwood City for over a month now, I think I have a good understanding of what our daily efforts are for. So it’s finally time to combine that knowledge with my outside view, experience and education! I’m proud to say that Nora, our Executive Director of Until There’s A Cure, is trusting me with running a meeting with the whole team – for an entire day! – to discuss how we can bundle our forces and brainstorm about new strategies to raise more awareness about the virus. I am optimistic that will have some really great ideas come out of the meeting. I’m already pretty excited about what it will look like. There’s just one drop of bitterness: You might not hear from me on time this week 😉
If you have any thoughts or ideas on how we can reach as many people out there as possible, please leave a comment, call us or send us an email to info@utac.org.  We’re always looking for new and wonderful suggestions, and I would love to bring your ideas to the table while we have the whole team in one spot!

Until the next blog,


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