‘Share’ Until There’s A Cure Pictures for a Chance to Win!

We are delighted to announce/continue our Until There’s A Cure Facebook Raffle Contest; it’s a way for all our social media followers to spread awareness and win one of our Classic Cuff Bracelets!

Since this is a four week campaign, we’ll be giving away one Bracelet every week until September 9, 2011. The Winner of the Week will be announced every Monday for the previous weeks assignment.

How to enter:

 Every Monday, we’ll provide you with a new Facebook assignment, and  you’ll need to follow the directions to be eligible for that week’s prize. Be sure to bookmark untiltheresacure.tumblr.com and check back here and/or Facebook every week!

This week’s theme is Sharing a UTAC Picture in order to spread awareness through the bracelet and a powerful statement, which will give you a chance to see why some celebrities Wear The Bracelet. To be eligible to win, ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ our PSA picture on your Wall, this weeks Wall Photo.  We will include a copy of the picture in this blog, so you know exactly which one we’re talking about.  Your name will be entered into the raffle each time you ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ the picture.

By Sharing our PSA’s, you will help to spread awareness and bring attention to the very pressing issue of HIV/AIDS and the work that we do at Until There’s A Cure.  So every new person to ‘Like’ Until There’s A Cure’s facebook page, will also be entered into the Raffle.  And once you’re a fan of ours you can increase your chances of winning by ‘Liking’ and Sharing this weeks PSA’s!

(The winner of this weeks Raffle will be announced on Monday, Setp 12)


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