I’ll Count Inventory…Until There’s A Cure

The pictures are still in my head. The pictures from the movie “Angels in the Dust” I watched last week. It made me realize that there is a desperate need of raising awareness of this world-wide disease. As long as there is no cure for HIV/AIDS we try to reach as many people, to educated as many people, to find care for as many people as possible in this fight, every week, day by day.

There is a lot to do at Until There’s A Cure this week. And to an outsider, it might appear that each task is not a direct effort in our commitment to the fight; but every single thing we do here is completely to help those currently living with HIV/AIDS and to help prevent further spread of the virus.  I am learning that even doing inventory helps us get closer to a cure!

Our main way of raising funds for HIV/AIDS is through sales of our bracelets (and other items). Like every end of the month, we do an inventory of the bracelets we have in stock. I could spend my Monday in the storage in between all the different bracelets. They are at high quality and there are so many different colors and sizes so that really everyone should be able to find something that fits perfectly. I didn’t really realize we had so many until it became my task to count all of them!

We are also continuing our Facebook campaign this week.  I’m happy to see that the Facebook campaign we started last week did well. Each week we raffle one of our pretty classic cuff bracelets to our fans on Facebook that helps us spread our message by sharing our page to their network. Last week over 200 supported us sharing and liking our question about why they love to wear the bracelet.

I recommend you to participate in this week’s raffle. Just visit our facebook fanpage at https://www.facebook.com/Until.Org and let us know which of our celebrity PSAs you like most.

Thanks for your support!



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