Angels in the Dust

My first memorable volunteer experience was in high school.  My friends and I participated in a humanitarian project to rebuild a public school near Bucharest in Romania. When we got there we were confronted with poverty, low education, helplessness and shyness of the people living there.

Today, our Executive Director at UTAC, Nora, gave me a video documentary about an orphanage for children born with HIV to watch; so I could see what all of our efforts are for.  Watching the documentary film “Angels in the dust” by filmmaker Louise today, I recognized many of the same problems I encountered in Romania. In a poignant manner the film tells a story of hope and help in the face of bad circumstances and the spread of HIV/AIDS. The movie is very powerful and I recommend you watch it, too.  You can watch the trailer at

The movie made me realize: People come from all walks of life, but despite everything else we are all on the same level when it comes to HIV/AIDS.  No one has a cure, yet.  We all have to take the same actions until there is one: education and prevention. Since I started to work for Until There’s A Cure two weeks ago I realized that in our world there is still need of education and even bigger need for raising awareness of HIV/AIDS all over our world.

Until There’s A Cure,



2 responses to “Angels in the Dust

  1. thx until there is a cure that is the only way out

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