Why I Volunteer with UNTIL


 My involvement with UNTIL started slowly.  I began volunteering sporadically at various UNTIL events.  As I learned more about the foundation I knew I had to be an active player.  It was not long before I began volunteering part-time, and I plan to continue participating even when I move back toOregonfrom the Bay Area.

I learned that 90% of UNTIL’s earnings go straight to HIV/AIDS research, treatment and raising awareness.  This means that only 10% goes towards running the foundation.  Few non-profits I have been involved with can boast of giving back nearly this much! The high level and transparency and full commitment of the staff is refreshing.

In getting to know that small staff and volunteer core I realized that UNTIL’s mission dominates their lives.  They all spend countless extra hours working towards the cause with smiles on their faces.  They send and respond to emails at all hours of the day, and take all opportunities (social events included) to network and push the cause.  Their dedication is admirable.

HIV/AIDS has affected people close to me, as it has many others.  It makes me proud to be able to help raise money which goes to individuals who would otherwise not be able to afford treatment.  My faith in humanity is reaffirmed when I see help given to those who need it most, as I believe it is part of everyone’s social duty.

UNTIL’s stellar reputation speaks for itself and I will miss them all once I am gone!


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