My Internship


I was given the opportunity to be an intern for two weeks this summer at Until There’s A Cure. What I thought would be a series of mundane activities for two weeks (making copies, packaging bracelets, normal intern stuff) actually turned into an unforgettable experience.

My first task was to make a project proposal for involving a high school club I am part of called Girls Learn International and Until There’s A Cure. I made a pretty detailed outline of a fundraiser and other activities students can partake in to raise awareness and funds for Until There’s A Cure. The day after I wrote this and went over it with those in the office, I was told to make an impromptu presentation to Angela Taylor, the president of Networks Sports Counseling. Nervous as I was, I told her the idea and she loved it! I was so happy that my idea was appreciated and that I was able to present it in a clear way to such an influential woman.

The next day we went to the Tenderloin Health Clinic, which is a center in San Francisco with many resources for homeless people, most of which are HIV positive. Going into this, I didn’t think it would be very meaningful. I had been to homeless shelters before, so I thought I knew what to expect when walking in. But after having a tour of the buildings, I started to grasp how many people are in fact infected with HIV. Being brought up in a small town, HIV/AIDS has yet to affect anyone in my life. But after realizing how many people are affected and how hard life becomes after being infected, I really understood why we need to raise awareness and funds.

The rest of the week and the beginning of the second consisted of calling the multitudes of partners UNTIL has. Although this could be considered tedious, as it was most of the time, I still knew that making these phone calls would help out Until There’s A Cure, and in turn help out those infected with HIV.

I was also able to help design the new UNTIL website, and I’m really excited to see the finished product! It was a joint effort, and I know everyone will be really proud once it’s finally done.

After my two weeks at Until There’s A Cure, I can truly say that I’ve learned so much after being a part of this foundation. I’ve learned how to give a presentation, talk on the phone with random people, but most importantly, I’ve gained a passion for helping in the fight against HIV/AIDS.


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