While We Continue Searching for A Cure…


Thirty years ago, the first report on HIV was written.   In the beginning doctors, scientists and patients were trying to understand HIV….how did you become infected, why did it become AIDS?  The doctors, scientists and patients then moved to prescribing the right “cocktail” of drugs to help with longevity of life.  During the last thirty years, HIV has emerged as a global pandemic.

We are now entering a new phase—it’s all about the cure.  Recently the National Institutes of Health announced that it was granting an additional $70 million toward research into an AIDS cure over the next five years – a 75 percent increase over previously planned spending.

We are getting closer to the cure; we are just not there yet.  It is imperative that we remember those currently infected with HIV – those who will continue to live with HIV until there is a cure.  We need to continue aiding them, preventing further spread of the virus, and focusing on de-stigmatizing HIV. We need to promote the normalization of HIV testing, scale up HIV testing for all, and aggressively roll-out better treatments universally.

We cannot sit around and wait for a cure to be discovered.  We need to continue being proactive for those living with HIV.

The Bracelet continues to be a symbol of awareness and a reminder that there is still work to be done while we continue searching for a cure. There is a cure for AIDS…..we are just not there, yet.


Wear The Bracelet . . . Until There’s A Cure


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