Channeling Talent to “Do Good”


Over the weekend I experienced something very inspiring … Walking around on a sunny Saturday in San Francisco, CA I came across a kid playing the drums. He was no older than 10 yet was playing like he’d mastered the instrument decades ago. There was a large crowd, so it wasn’t until I pushed my way to the front when I saw that he had a bucket out. He was playing to raise funds for Japan.

He was determined to play the drums better that day than he had ever played before.

It was inspiring to see the compassion of this young boy. Maybe he has friends and family in Japan. Or maybe he just has a kind heart and wants to be a part of the solution. In either case, he made a different in many lives that day. Not only of those in Japan, but of those watching and becoming inspired. I know wasn’t the only one.

So I challenge you to take a look at what you’re good at and turn it into a way to create movement in social issues that matter to you.


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