Help HIV+ Youth Live Longer and Healthier Lives

Until There’s A Cure plans to enable longer, healthier and more productive lives for HIV-positive girls and boys, ages 26 and younger, in the San Francisco Bay Area by funding testing, medical treatment and peer advocacy services.

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Half of all HIV infections in the U.S. occur in youth under age 25. Each hour in the U.S., two youth become infected with HIV. From receiving an HIV diagnosis, to disclosing ones status, understanding medical reports and dealing with the idea of death … adolescents not only require access to medical treatment, they need guidance to overcome these social and developmental challenges that come along with an HIV diagnosis. San Francisco is one of the regions most affected by HIV/AIDS in the U.S.

This project will provide medical treatment, counseling, drop-in emergency, and/or temporary and permanent housing services to 3,400 HIV-positive or at-risk youth in the San Francisco Bay Area who are battling the emotional and physical challenges of being HIV positive or at-risk.

We’ve battled hysteria, ignorance & complacency! Great advances have been made in treatment & care to improve life quality for persons with HIV/AIDS. There is a cure for AIDS. We’re just not there yet.
Nora Hanna, Executive Director, Until There’s A Cure


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  1. I guess I’m slower on some things than others.

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