My UNTIL Fundraiser Success

By Lolly Kruse

I am the Junior Treasurer of the Girl’s Learn International chapter in Glen Ridge, New Jersey. Girls Learn International gives girls a voice in the movement for universal girls’ education and human rights.

I brought up the idea at our November officer meeting, just two weeks before World AIDS Day, to host a fundraiser to benefit Until There’s A Cure. Everyone loved the idea! With our frantic planning and e-mails, we put together what we thought would be a great fundraiser. I ordered hundreds of wristbands from UTAC that every member of our chapter would sell to peers and classmates. The night before the fundraiser, we held a meeting that informed all of the members about AIDS and how it directly affects our partner school in India. Each girl left the meeting with a bag of 20 red wristbands to sell at school the next day.

Our school responded greatly to our fundraiser. Girls sold the bracelets during classes and during lunch. We also stuffed teachers’ mailboxes with catalogs sharing the idea of UTAC wristbands as perfect holiday gifts. We made red beaded pins and jelly bracelets available for teachers to purchase as well. Between classes, we played music with a global theme over the load speaker and read off facts about AIDS and how it affects our global society. At the front desk and in the cafeteria were buckets for others to donate loose pocket change for a good cause. We even held a bake sale with red themed goods.

Throughout the day, every member of the high school was extremely excited to be helping such a great cause.  Overall we made over $600 which is great for a small high school like ours!

As a club and a school we were very excited to help out an organization like Until There’s A Cure and hope that we can do the same next year. The experience was great and it felt good that our quickly put together fundraiser could gain so much support from the school.


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