Tipping for a Cure


I went to a coffee shop on Wednesday of last week and the barista was wearing a Christmas sweater. A bit early, no? I thought the holiday season didn’t officially kick-off until Thanksgiving was over… Or at least until the first of December!?

When I asked about the sweater, the barista claimed the “early cheer” was an attempt at getting more tips. This got me thinking …

Tomorrow is World AIDS Day. Why don’t we come together in the quest for a cure and donate the tips that we receive tomorrow to the fight against HIV/AIDS?

It doesn’t matter where or with whom you work. Simply set out a tip jar tomorrow to dedicate your work for the cure. Write something as simple as:

Today is World AIDS Day …

… Accepting tips for a cure.

Click here at the end of the day to donate your tips.

Then, comment on this post to share your World AIDS Day tip jar success stories. You can also e-mail me photos of your tip jars at Lindsay@utac.org.

I look forward to your stories!

Don’t forget about the $10,000 Donation Matching Challenge. When you make a donation between now and December 30, an anonymous donor will match it. This means that all tips that you donate tomorrow will be MATCHED!


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