What I Promise to Remember Daily …


I am very excited to present the most recent addition to the Until There’s A Cure product line, the Thanda Zulu Slinky and Flat Thin Bracelets. I discovered these bracelets while I was doing research one day … and I have to admit, I fell in love with them even before I knew the wonderful story behind them! My fellow UTACers agreed that the bracelets were fun, that the story is unique and touching, and that a partnership would be positively impactful!

What is the story you ask? …

In a far away land … ZwaZulu-Natal, South Africa to be exact … there are a group of women who hand make jewelry in their homes, allowing them to be employed and care for their children simultaneously, as a part a project called The Zulu Beadwork Project. This Project is unique as it helps to empower women by providing them with jobs and paying them a very fair wage. This simple concept goes a very long ways in South Africa — The employment that the Project gives these women is a vital tool in the prevention of HIV/AIDS as it dissuades the women from engaging in risky behavior for money and empowers them as individuals. The Project then sells the bracelets that these women make and proceeds from the sales of the Thanda Zulu Bracelets go back to South Africa to support programs working with children made vulnerable or orphaned by AIDS. Pretty amazing story, eh?

As I continued my research, I found some statistics that were shocking to me! Did you know that …

  • According to UNAIDS, 21.5 percent of South African adults are HIV positive?
  • Approximately 1 in 3 South African adults is unemployed?
  • At the current rate of AIDS deaths, one in three South African children could be orphaned by 2015?
  • Three in four South African children live in poverty?
  • In South Africa alone, there are between 1.5 and 3 million children who have lost one or both parents due to the HIV/AIDS?
  • It is estimated that the HIV/AIDS pandemic has created half of the country’s orphans?

I promise to wear my new Bracelet as a reminder that HIV/AIDS not only affects the people living with the disease but also the people (and in this case, the CHILDREN) living around them.

Do you have a promise with the bracelets that you wear? I’d love to hear it! Comment on this post to share your story.

Do you want to join me in supporting The Zulu Beadwork Project? Click here to purchase your Slinky and Flat Thin Bracelets.


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