A simple idea with a profound impact: “Invest in a girl and she will do the rest”


In surfing the web the other day, I came across a video: The Girl Effect: The Clock is Ticking.

I immediately clicked to replay this video. I had never seen HIV so simply and brilliantly viewed in the broader realm of poverty, while focusing on one of the most at-risk groups for HIV-infection: adolescent girls. I found this video to be both heart-breaking and genius.

The idea is:

When a girl turns 12 and lives in poverty, her future is out of her control and she is considered to be a woman. She is married off and pregnant by 15. In many cases, she will opt to sell her body for money to support her family, which puts her at VERY high-risk to contract and spread HIV.

The light changes … There’s a solution. The girl stays in school and at the age of 18, uses her education to earn a living. Under the control of her own life, she can marry and have children when she is ready and avoid HIV. Her kids are healthy like she is and this cycle can continue for generations.

The conclusion … If we give a girl the resources to get an education, she will do the rest to keep herself and future generations more protected against HIV.

The Girl Effect is a movement aiming to raise awareness of the world’s adolescent girls living in poverty to improve their lives.

Thank you for reading and wearing your UNTIL bracelets proudly.

16 million women are infected with HIV/AIDS worldwide. Until There’s A Cure, we need to SAVE OUR SISTERS.


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