Still Here and Still a Problem


I was ecstatic my first day working at Until There’s A Cure. I was finally becoming a member of the adult working world. I couldn’t wait to get real world work experience. On my first day, my desire to be part of working America overshadowed the compassion I felt for the fight against HIV/AIDS. Before Until There’s A Cure, HIV/AIDS rarely crossed my mind. It only crossed my mind every once in a while. The few times I thought about HIV/AIDS, I understood, to some degree, the severity of the pandemic but I always came to the conclusion that it was an issue that did not affect me personally.

After my first week at Until There’s A Cure, I couldn’t believe how ignorant I had been. HIV/AIDS is everywhere and affects everyone. It is not and should never be considered someone else’s problem. Now, HIV/AIDS is constantly on my mind. Not only when I am at the office, but when I am at home, at the grocery store or hanging out with my friends. I am continually thinking of what I can do to help and how I can do my part to restart the HIV/AIDS conversation.

Imagine how different things would be if every person was reminded daily of the devastating effects of HIV/AIDS; reminded of the millions of lives that were lost and the countless people who have and continue to suffer.

Until There’s A Cure… I will remind people everyday that HIV/AIDS is still here and still a problem.


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