TALK for the Cure


Two weeks ago I told you about my “Campus Hope” … or, my dreams for increasing awareness and mobilization around HIV/AIDS in the student community. And more specifically, on Campus.

I’ve always been part of campus organizations and clubs that mobilize groups at school to hold events and raise money, but what can we do on our own, as individuals, besides getting tested and wearing a pin or a bracelet to make a difference?

I don’t have the answer… but I think I have a hint or a start off point: TALK. In addition to getting tested and wearing a pin or a bracelet, the biggest way that I’ve found to contribute is to TALK. By talking and vocalizing the issue, we can educate and help to tear down social stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS.  What do you think?

Check out the Until There’s A Cure website for resources on finding a testing location, purchasing your bracelet or pin and visit their facebook page to start TALKING! Or as they say at Until There’s A Cure, JOIN THE CONVERSATION!


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