My Hopes as a Virtual Volunteer


When I saw that there is a virtual volunteer program for Until There’s A Cure, I could not pass up the opportunity to become one. For me, it is a way of honoring the life and memories of Nik and Alex, two people I loved dearly, as well as honoring the battle that two other individuals I love are currently fighting.

My hopes are that a cure for this horrible disease will be found very soon so that all those who have lost their lives, and all others who are affected by it, are not in vain. That mankind will understand we are all human beings who need love, understanding and acceptance, regardless of having HIV/AIDS or not.

My goals are to continue raising awareness along with funds so that the research for treatment with advancements for a cure can be found. I believe as per my vow to my beloved Nik, A CURE WILL BE FOUND. I will not stop in my destiny until there’s a cure.


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