In every city, there’s another city: “The Other City”

By Lindsay Steele

What is your city? Do you see and know each sub-city within yours? Do you think about these smaller cities – where they are and what their demographics look like?

This past weekend I attended the Theatrical Opening of “The Other City” at San Francisco’s Roxie Theatre. This documentary features Washington D.C., the so-called “most powerful city in the world”; home to the White House, the Capitol and K Street; and city that has an HIV/AIDS rate that is not only the nation’s highest but rivals some African COUNTRIES.

Throughout the film, we came to know the other city within D.C. that is home to those infected with HIV/AIDS. This other city has a population of 4% of D.C.’s total population and is home to people of all color, sexual orientation, income status and gender. Residing in the shadow of the nation’s Capitol, this other city somehow remains almost invisible to the neighboring lawmakers and lobbyists.

Judging by the unison of nods and looks of concern across the theatre, the need for action was very clear to the audience. What now? CEO of the Black AIDS Institute, Phill Wilson led a panel after the close of the film to help us as a community, as a city, to understand What now. The answer: WE NEED TO RESTART THE CONVERSATION ABOUT HIV/AIDS.

We are nearly 30 years into our fight to end HIV/AIDS – the disease is very much still alive while the conversation seems to be on standby. It is our individual responsibilities to have this conversation: Post this blog article on your facebook page, share it with your family and friends, wear your Bracelets each day, get your local communities involved in the fight against HIV/AIDS and visit to find a screening near you.


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