My Bracelets

by lindsay steele

Two weeks ago I told you about my fight and commitment to end HIV/AIDS. We each have different pledges – many of you have been dedicated to the fight for years and years! Maybe a friend just forwarded you this blog for the first time and you haven’t decided to commit yet…

The natural next step for me after making my mental commitment to join the fight was to represent it everyday for everyone to see … with The Bracelet! A beautiful attribute of The Bracelet is that they come in colors, sizes and styles for everyone.

Just as we all have different stories and reasons for our pledge to the cause, we may each choose to represent that pledge uniquely.

I have carefully chosen my daily arm candy to include the Sterling Silver Cuff with a 18k gold Ribbon, Red Band of Beads, African Bronze and Orphan Bracelet.

What Bracelets do you wear? Comment on this post to share how YOU represent your unique commitment to the fight to end HIV/AIDS.


3 responses to “My Bracelets

  1. Stephanie Geballe

    When I first began working at Until There’s A Cure I fell in love with the African Bronze bracelets. I love that each one is unique and different. Everyday I wear my African Bronze accented with two orphan bracelets. I think that this combination is edgy and girly at the same time, which I love.

  2. I have always been a fan of the classic cuff bracelet…in every metal and color. It’s not a trend, it has been and will continue to forever be in style. I predominately – if not always – go for a timeless piece, so that I’m always in vogue no matter what season it is, without having to conform to the passing trend. I can wear the cuff now, in my 20’s, and I will still be able to wear it in my 60’s!

  3. Thank you for posting Lindsay! Nice bracelets all of them.

    I wear a series of approx 12 Orphan Bracelets everyday. I volunteer for the organization and was fortunate enough to spend over a month on the ground. I experienced first hand the impact a sale of a bracelet makes in the lives of the women and children I met. The story is simple and powerful.. the women, affected by the HIV/AIDS crisis, earn an income by crafting the bracelets to support the children in their care, the bracelets are sold online, in stores, at sceening parties, etc.etc. and the proceeds go back to South Africa to support the children that have no mother to look after them.

    There are lots of things an individual like you and I can do to help those that seem to be forgotten by the rest of the world.

    Oh and btw: the Orphan Bracelet will last you forever, as a matter of fact they get better looking the more you wear them. More info at .

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