My Fight … Until There’s A Cure

By Lindsay Steele

My venture with Until There’s A Cure is very new… It began just 15 days ago, on September 1st, as the organization’s Sales and Marketing Associate. I came aboard the knowing not-a-whole-lot about HIV/AIDS yet knowing that I wanted to learn and, most importantly, HELP.

During the past two weeks and a day, I’ve spoken with more passionate and driven people than I could have imagined. Somehow people who don’t have a lot manage to give a lot. People who indulge in selfish acts overindulge selflessly. HIV-positive people are the most optimistic people. It truly is inspiring to be surrounded by such ambition and hope.

Until There’s A Cure may be run out of a small office of four (our Executive Director, myself and two wonderfully brilliant interns), but we have a support organization of thousands. And I quickly realized this amplitude of support from all of you.

On Tuesday of this week, I attended a Service Learning Fair at a local high school, Mercy High School. My goal in attending the fair was to introduce students to the severity of the AIDS pandemic and show them how their local support could be instrumental in achieving a cure for a worldwide pandemic. After just 1 ½ hours of talking with students, I walked away with 120 names and email addresses of girls, ages 14 – 17, who want to volunteer their time to help us achieve end AIDS. It was very exciting for me to watch this group of youth transform with empowerment.

In short, the first 15 days of my fight against HIV/AIDS have been the perfect platform to embark on my fight Until There’s A Cure … Thank you for reading.


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