White House Reveals National HIV/AIDS Strategy

The White House has released its national strategy to fight HIV/AIDS, which is aimed at reducing the number of new infections and providing high quality care for those living with the virus, The New York Times reports.

According to the article, the major goals of the strategy are to reduce the rate of new HIV cases by 25 percent over the next five years and to get treatment to 85 percent of newly diagnosed patients within three months. The White House also aims to focus on education, providing stigma-free care and fighting AIDS in developing countries.

To combat discrimination against people living with HIV, the plan hopes to make HIV awareness programs part of “all educational environments and health and wellness initiatives.” HIV prevention efforts will concentrate on populations most at risk, which include gay and bisexual men and African Americans.

The strategy will also build on Bush-era policies that fought AIDS in developing countries by setting specific targets and pushing for coordination among government agencies to safeguard against “missteps” and “wasted, duplicated efforts.”

To download the national HIV/AIDS strategy, click here.


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