HIV-Positive Women Allegedly Sterilized Without Consent in Namibia

HIV-positive women in Namibia are suing the health ministry for allegedly being sterilized by their doctors without informed consent,BBC News reports. The women seek 1 million Namibian dollars ($130,000) in compensation from the health ministry.

According to the article, the Legal Assistance Centre (LAC), a human rights group representing the women from the southern African country, has found 15 positive women who were sterilized since 2008.

When HIV-positive women go to the hospital, doctors sometimes advise a sterilization operation, but patients aren’t always given a clear understanding of the procedure, and dangerous pre-existing conditions aren’t always taken into account, said LAC’s Amon Ngavetene.

“We want a health system based on human rights which promotes equality for all,” he said.

Sit-ins where the sterilizations took place and marches are scheduled in support of the women’s case.


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