News Roundup: Ending the HIV Travel Ban, Funding Stem Cell Research at UCLA, and More

From the NYTimes: On Friday, President Obama announced that he would be signing legislation to end the 22-year travel ban the United States has maintained against HIV-positive individuals, and “a rule canceling the ban would be published on Monday and would take effect after a routine 60-day waiting period.” The President’s enactment of this campaign promise is a completion of a process begun by George W. Bush, but never completed.

Aside from the restriction of travel limitations, the ban’s end will have other important consequences. Foreigners applying for U.S. residency will no longer need to take an HIV test as part of their application process. International AIDS conferences will be possible within the United States. Since the ban’s enactment, “no major international conference on the AIDS epidemic has been held in the United States since 1990.”

For more information, please the New York Times, the Washington Post, or Fox News articles.

The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, a body established in 2004 to oversee the state’s constitutionally-mandated stem cell research efforts, awarded over $49 million in grants to three researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles Broad Stem Cell Research Center. To learn more, please see the article in the LA Headlines Examiner.

Jacob Zuma, the President of South Africa, has taken a vocal stand in the fight against HIV/AIDS in his country — marking a strong departure from the administration of Thabo Mbeki, who questioned the efficacy of HIV medications as well as the link between HIV infection and the development of AIDS. The new Zuma administration — both government and health ministry — is actively encouraging South Africans to be tested for HIV, to know their status, and to take steps to protect themselves from infection or to seek treatment if they are HIV-positive. For more information on the Zuma efforts to publicize correct and reliable information on HIV/AIDS, please see the New York Times article.

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