The True Value of a Gift

We’ve been Tweeting and updating our Facebook status like mad these past couple of days, trying to make people aware of America’s Giving Challenge. The really exciting thing about AGC is not that we generate donations [OK, to be fair, that is REALLY exciting, but it’s not the only reason we’re thrilled to participate], but that we generate buzz about HIV and AIDS, and can make thousands of people aware of the pandemic. Yesterday, at the start of the Challenge, there were 3 HIV/AIDS organizations in the top 10 for several hours, including Until There’s A Cure. That’s exciting because it means people are paying attention to HIV and AIDS — anyone who works in HIV and AIDS awareness knows that’s something that doesn’t always happen.

But how does America’s Giving Challenge really make a difference? Well, let’s look at a donation made through Facebook [how AGC works this year]. When someone donates, it helps us. But it also generates activity that’s spread throughout our Cause community and Facebook at large. The donor might post their donation on their wall, or comment on it. Her friends will “like” it, or comment on it — if we’re lucky, they’ll even click through, join our Cause, and make a donation of their own! America’s Giving Challenge is a challenge for nonprofits like Until There’s A Cure to generate energy and excitement within their own communities, and it’s a challenge to our community to generate excitement among our friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, doctors, electricians, and everyone else.

America’s Giving Challenge is an opportunity to show that a small donation can go just as far as a large one — and when we get our communities involved, those small donations can go even further. Please help us keep this great energy moving forward… Until There’s A Cure. Donate now at and then let your Facebook friends, your Twitter followers, and your email contacts know how you’ve helped to end AIDS.

-Until There’s A Cure


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