Help Make AIDS A Memory with America’s Giving Challenge

It isn’t often that we ask you to wait to make a donation to Until There’s A Cure, but today is different, because tomorrow, October 7th, is the start of America’s Giving Challenge. We need your help, your stories, and your passion. Please forward this message to your friends, family, coworkers, club members and more — anyone who has or could be affected by HIV and AIDS.

Recently, we asked our supporters for their stories: why they donate to Until There’s A Cure, why they wear The Bracelet, and why they fight for HIV and AIDS awareness. Many sent us their memories of friends and family who succumbed to complications of AIDS, but they also shared inspiring messages of hope in the face of adversity. For those learning of a daughter’s AIDS diagnosis, or struggling to accept a brother’s positive test result, these stories provide strength and comfort.

We’re asking for your stories and generosity again during America’s Giving Challenge. For one month, starting tomorrow, October 7th, at 3 pm EST, we need your help in generating as many donations as possible — with the Giving Challenge, it’s the number of gifts, not the size, that matters.

Until There’s A Cure has been at the forefront of the fight against HIV and AIDS. And while we’ve spurred several several major successes — like GSID’s recent vaccine trials in Thailand — we’ve also witnessed the personal struggles that accompany such a devastating disease. With your help, and your personal request to your friends, we can move one step closer to ending HIV and AIDS.

Add your own story… and encourage your friends and family to support Until There’s A Cure Foundation in America’s Giving Challenge.

For more ways to spread the word:

On Twitter, follow us at @until_dot_org and Tweet about America’s Giving Challenge with the hashtag #AGC

On Facebook, post this note to your wall, and be sure to DONATE at [the link for UTAC’s Facebook Causes application]. You can also become a fan of UTAC at and share your story.

If you have other ideas for helping, please send them our way; we’d love to hear how you are helping to make AIDS a memory.

Thanks so much for all of your support, your energy, and your persistence… Until There’s A Cure.


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