New tools in the fight for HIV/AIDS understanding, awareness

Two new online tools have been released this week, both in line with National HIV Testing Day on June 27th.

On June 22nd, the HIV/AIDS Atlas was released by “the National Minority Quality Forum, with support from Gilead Sciences, Inc.” The Atlas, found here, shows the concentration of HIV and AIDS cases throughout the United States, highlighting the areas of greatest incidence and prevalence in the country. Just as statistics can be misleading without sufficient explanation, we encourage you to explore the map but to also learn about why some areas show higher numbers than others. HIV/AIDS infection is, in many cases, a complex intersection of economic, sociocultural, and public health issues. We applaud the exploration of the AIDS pandemic in the United States, and hope that the Atlas sparks important discussions about the implications of health care disparities.

This week also marks the introduction of a campaign from the Kaiser Family Foundation, the Black AIDS Media Partnership, and the Black AIDS Institute: Greater Than AIDS
Greater Than AIDS is a concerted awareness and involvement effort to educate, inform, and empower the public about the impact of HIV/AIDS on the Black community of the United States. With moving video PSAs, high-profile talk radio involvement, and a fully interactive website, the Greater Than campaign is striving to drive needed attention to a public health crisis of incredible implications.

-Until There’s A Cure


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