Making Our African Art Bracelet

We’ve had a lot of compliments on our African Art Bracelet, handcrafted by members of a village in Namibia, a nation that has been severely affected by HIV/AIDS. The bracelets, which are carved from recycled PVC pipe, are individually designed by the carver and feature totally unique designs — no two are ever exactly alike. The proceeds from the sales of these bracelets support prevention/education/care programs within Namibia, so by wearing one, not only are you making a fashion statement of your own, you are directly benefiting small businesses and HIV/AIDS awareness in a truly tangible way.

This photo album includes pictures of how the bracelets are actually made — I was surprised by the process myself! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at Until.

To see how the bracelets are created, please visit the gallery here.

Until There’s A Cure,


One response to “Making Our African Art Bracelet

  1. A large part of African arts and crafts is traditional arts, which were deeply woven into the daily life and culture of the different African peoples, and now found on display in most museums.

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